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By virtue of an intensive management program, Cottonwood Creek Ranch offers exceptional opportunity for mature Texas Trophy Whitetale deer. Wildlife management includes year round feeding programs, supplement food plots, and protein feeding. Cottonwood Creek Ranch¬†follows strict management guidelines for producing a healthy deer herd and Trophy Whitetail deer, which makes Cottonwood Creek Ranch a deer hunters’ dream. Below, you’ll find all the cost information you’ll need to book your next trip to Cottonwood Creek Ranch.



Whitetail Deer

Management Bucks (Guides Choice Up To 129BC)
Boone & Crocket Score
Price Per Deer
150-175 $5,250
176-200 $7,250
201+ $9,250

Exotic Hunting Prices

Blackbuck Doe
Any Trophy
Fallow Doe
All Trophy Bucks
Elk Cows
All Trophy Bulls


Below is a Guide to the Cottonwood Creek Ranch game guidelines.

  • A deposit of $1000 is required at booking to secure hunting date.
  • If hunter has opportunity to shoot at hunted animal and declines, he owes full amount for hunt price.
  • If hunter shoots at animal hunted and draws blood, full hunt price will be charged for said animal.
    Every effort will be made to find deer. If found at a later date, we will contact hunter to arrange delivery of horns.


Lodging Fees: Lodging with meals is $150 per day per person and this will pay for the cook and food! Lodging without food is $75 per day per person. All non hunting guests will be charged the same price.

  • Fee includes lodging
  • Meals
  • Ranch Transportation